Capitalize On The Hybrid Trend With A List Of Grocery Store Chains In The U.S.

December 18, 2018

In the fall of 2014, Supermarket News reported on an emerging trend that is affecting grocery stores as well as convenience stores. In case you missed it, they noted a large number of stores are increasing their product offerings and thereby turning into hybrids. So it’s no longer uncommon to find convenience stores carrying traditional grocery store items and vice versa. What’s that mean for suppliers that are accustom to only selling their wares to convenience stores? Well, it’s clearly time to invest in a list of grocery stores in U.S.

A list of grocery stores in the United States can help domestic and international suppliers alike capitalize on the growing hybrid trend by providing contact information for the industry’s key players. Of course that’s providing it contains current contact information in a universal, easy to customize and use, digital format. In our experience, that translates to an Excel format. It’s one that’s used by billions of businesses across the planet and supports a range of file formats. Plus, security wise, it’s quite secure. That’s why at Grocery Store Chains Directory, we use the format to compile our comprehensive list of grocery stores in America.

It costs less than $400 and includes complimentary, bi-annual updates for a full year. We can deliver it to any e-mail address in the world and it will give suppliers access to more than 16,000 grocery store buyers that will undoubtedly be interested in carrying products that can help them capitalize on the hybrid trend.

What kind of pitch should suppliers make to the key players on our list of U.S. grocery stores? Well, that’s going to vary quite a bit of course. However, we can refer interested suppliers to other agencies that may be able to help them perfect their pitches. To learn more and pick up a valuable key to unlocking the emerging hybrid market’s financial potential, please contact us today.