Convenience Store Distributors Directory

April 06, 2014

There’s an easy process to follow when you find you have a product to sell.  Many believe that in order to achieve great success, you need to suffer and struggle for a long amount of time—to put your blood, sweat and tears into what you’re doing, and to have a great deal of hardship thrust onto your shoulders, but none of that is necessary if you know where to find the resources you need, and how to use the things you find.

If you find that you have a product that you know will sell well in a convenience store, then you’re well on your way to getting your idea out there and making you money.  The next step, after you’ve thought of the idea and planned out all the details is to promote it to those individuals who are going to get your idea from your brain, to the shelves.  That’s where a convenience store distributors directory comes in.

The convenience store distributors directory is a comprehensive list of distributors and convenience store brokers that you can access once you purchase the list.  This includes all sorts of contact information and resources you need in order to market yourself to those who can be vital to getting your idea out there.  One great example of a directory is found here:

This directory has nearly everything you need in order to get your product on the road to bringing in a great deal of money.  It features over one thousand distributors, and even includes the top one hundred convenience stores chains, and over two thousand convenience store brokers.  All these contain complete contact information, so that once you have access to this list, you have free reign to contact who you will and begin marketing your product to them.

While this doesn’t sound overly impressive, breaking down the information provided here really shows just how much you’re getting for your money.  First of all, having access to all this contact information is enough to purchase the list.  The time and effort it takes to collect this kind of database is incredible, and when you think of all the time it would take you to do the same, it’s mind blowing.  Depending on which route you want to take with your product—either contacting the chains yourself or going to a broker—all that information is available to you.  This is extremely helpful because depending on your product and how aggressively you want to work to market it, you’ll have literally all the information you need to pursue it.  If you want to have someone market your product for you, then you can access the list of brokers, but if you want to have more control and do more of the heavy lifting, then you can settle for the list of convenience store chains and convenience store distributors.

So how do you go about accessing this intense directory?  The cost of the directory is a one time annual payment of $399.  This includes every single contact within the list, and full access to the resources provided.  It also give you access to the updated list.  This directory is updated twice a year, which means that twice during your subscription, you are going to have the latest and most accurate information of those ready to help you get your product out there.

Another benefit of using this directory is how easy it is.  Once you are a directory subscriber, you will be emailed in an excel spreadsheet, which is an incredibly easy format to use when it comes to sorting and separating information.  With all this information already provided for you, and given to you in a way that’s very easy to use and to sort through (see sample here), you’ll find that a lot of your time will be saved.  One of the most important things for you to remember is that during this part of the process, you’re going to want to spend most of your time on fixing your idea and making it ready and presentable to distributors who will then go on to market your idea to stores.  Many people worry about expending that kind of money on a directory when they think that simply using an online keyword search will yield similar results, which is FALSE.  Using your precious time on trying to find contact information on your own, or trying to understand a complicated directory system is a waste and will result only in delaying your dreams.

Instead of settling for a cheaper, less reliable system, or deciding it’s better to do it on your own because it’s free, purchase this directory and experience what it’s like to have experts handing you the information you need to succeed.  With that time saved, you have more time to focus your energy and resources into creating a strong case for your product and working towards something tangible.