Grocery Store Chains-Get Your Product Into Grocery Store Chains

March 25, 2014

When you have a product that would be perfect for grocery store shelves, the hardest thing is actually getting it on the shelves.  There are a ton of ways of going from having an idea that is now a real product to something that you can actually see on shelves, something that others will demand and buy.

Some ways of getting your product out there involves you advertising for yourself, and marketing your product through shows and smaller markets.  The only real way that this takes off is if you gain fame by having a product so wanted, that sales explode and your name is passed around by your customers.  When this happens, usually you’ll be approached by stores interested in selling your product or a company who wants to buy the rights to produce your product.  Regardless, the amount of time and energy it takes to maintain that kind of marketing is exhausting, and most often, you’ll find your savings are wasted on a venture that never came to fruition.

When your spending is limited, and you are holding a main job outside of creating products to be sold, you’re forced to look for alternative options in marketing your idea to a grocery store.  Fortunately, there are significantly easier and better options available to you.  If you think you’ve got a strong product, you can attend tradeshows or find a broker, but when you’re just starting out and haven’t had a lot of time or experience networking, the best thing to do is find a directory of grocery store chains.

Usually, after paying some kind of fee, you have access to a huge list of grocery store chains, and you also have access to the buyer’s who can bring your product in. Sometimes, having the option to present your product to grocery store chains is all you need for success.

One great directory that will help you get your product on the shelf is:  Our directory of convenience stores and grocery store chains, as well as a network of experts, that can help you get your product where it needs to go.  To have access to over 13,000 contacts, there is a one-time payment of $499, which gives you an incredible amount of resources.  For example, our list of convenience and grocery store chains is extensive, and extremely impressive.  Anything you’re trying to find will be there, as will the access to view and contact people who can help you get to the stage of selling your products.

Our directory cuts out the process of waiting for opportunity to strike, or having to fight to be recognized.  You have access to the names of grocery store chains, buyers and can then begin the process of appealing to them to gain shelf space.  A huge characteristic of a good directory is that it’s updated regularly.  Our directory is updated twice a year, meaning the information you’re getting is current and up-to-date.  Before you begin contacting stores though, it’s assumed that you’ve already compiled a great deal of marketable information about your product—after that, the rest all depends on how well you’re able to convince these buyers that you’re worth the space and time it’ll take to sell your idea.

If you click here  you can request a free sample. With our sample, you can really tell if this is something that you want to invest in and as a means of getting your products in grocery chain stores.  In addition to allowing you request a free sample, we also provide you with the opportunity to read a free blog detailing suggestions and tips for those trying to market their products.  Just with these tools alone, you can expand your ability to sell you product across a great deal of shelves nation-wide.

If you’re pressed for time or simply don’t want to do the tedious work it takes to go through the directory and market your idea yourself, there’s an even simpler option available through this site.  It’s called “checkstand program” and essentially what happens is you pay another fee, and you are guaranteed placement in anywhere from 200-5,000 convenience stores.  If you’re completely sure of your product, then this is the option for you, because once you prove how valuable you are to a store, they will keep coming back for more.

The key to any success in this field is maintaining a good attitude and having a strong product.  If you are able to market what you have to others, then most of the work is already done for you.  If your idea is not something that people want to invest in, then no amount of work will get you reorders.  After purchasing our directory, the best thing to do is to ask for as much advice as you can to ensure that your product is as strong as possible, and in a state that people can’t resist.  If your idea is desired, then people will fight to get it in their stores, and customers will flock to purchase it.  From there, you’ll be in a position to negotiate and choose where your products are sold.  Before that point, however, information is your best weapon, and gathering as much of it as possible is the key to success.