Reasons To Stop Waivering And Order Your Convenience Store Directory

October 22, 2014

Whether you have just begun a manufacturing company or have been in business for a while, you know you are always looking for new retail outlets to carry your products. This is the only real way to increase your revenues and allow your business to grow. Here are some reasons to go ahead and order your convenience store directory and not continue your hit and miss marketing strategies.

Save Time

Convenience stores are constantly opening, relocating and changing ownership, which makes getting an up to date list essential. You do not want your staff dedicating days to trying to gather up the same information available in a pre-printed directory. The sources your staff might use to correlate the information like the Internet might already be out of date, causing them to create a list of incorrect information.

Excel Format

By purchasing a prepared list of convenience/grocery store chains, you will get the list in an excel format. This will allow you to easily sort the data by any category you like such as state, city or contact person. An excel list will allow you to create shipping labels with an export function to mail letters of introduction or other promotional material. An excel format will allow you to make notes on individual convenience stores without messing up the file or formatting.


With a convenience store directory, you can get updates twice a year. In the current business climate, stores have a large turn over and new stores are opening all the time. You do not want your employees devoting time to a client or an area only to learn they have an outdated list.

At C Store Directory, we are dedicated to making sure you have the most up to date information in your market. When you purchase our directory, you will get updates for the first year at no additional charge. If you have an questions or need help ordering, contact us today.