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The Largest C-Store Database in the U.S.

  • 1,600 Convenience Store Chains (Ex: 7-11, Chevron, Circle K)
  • Contacts/Buyers Personal E-Mails
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  • Company Addresses
  • Updated Bi-Annually
  • One Time Payment $499.00 (Includes free updates for 1 year)
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Updates for 1 year

Updates are good for one year

Updated Bi-Anually

We update our contact list and release a new database at least once every six months

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Tips on how to get your product into convenience/grocery store chains

I want to get my product into convenience stores and wanted to know what margins do convenience stores want on new products?

Convenience store chains usually work off 35-50% gross profit depending on your type of product. Novelties items are on the higher side. The best way to find out what your margins should be is to find a similar product and talk to some convenience stores to get a better feel of what you need to sell your item for.

What is the best way to get a product into convenience stores?

The best way to get your product into convenience stores is getting a hold of convenience store buyers, which we provide in our directory. Our directory has over 13,000 convenience/grocery store buyer contacts. Over 65% have personal e-mails. We recommend contacting the buyer by phone or email and make sure you have a good sales pitch ready. I always tell my clients when speaking to these buyers is to build a relationship. Be sincere and get them to understand what your product is and do not take “NO” for an answer. Most of these convenience store/grocery chains bring products in by what we call a distributor. Our partners over at provide a directory of convenience store distributors that you may want to look at as well. Getting the convenience store buyer to like your product and getting a hold of their distributor is the ultimate way to get your product into convenience stores.

Is there a faster way to get my product into convenience stores other than doing the sales myself?

Our partners offer a service called the “Checkstand Program”, which guarantees placement in anywhere from 200 to 5,0000 convenience stores that you may want to take a look at. They charge $10.00 per store and free product on the initial launch. After a successful launch, they will manage the account at a 5% brokerage. You can learn more about Checkstand Program over at


The Largest Directory for C-Store Distributors in the U.S.



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Convenience Store Directory

The Largest C-Store Database in the U.S.