Following Up After Your C Store Directory Creates Sales Opportunities

April 13, 2015

You did it! You used your C Store Directory and arranged a sales meeting for your product line. Everyone at the meeting seemed interested and excited at the prospect of stocking your items. However, they did not place an order at the end of the presentation. They might need to clear it with someone higher up, or there is larger panel that makes the final decision. In some cases, the general manager might need to get permission from the company headquarters. This is when follow-up becomes critical to get the sale. Here are some helpful hints for follow-up.


Set The Date

The perfect time to arrange a follow-up call is at your sales meeting. Simply ask the person you are meeting with the best time to follow-up with him or her. They know their schedule, and how much time they need to make a decision. Also, they know the times of the week and day that they are more readily available to take your call. By allowing the customer to set the follow-up time, you are more likely to receive a positive response to your call.


Send A Thank You Note

The idea of sending a handwritten thank you note seems antiquated but makes a big impression. If you take the time to jot down a few handwritten lines on a notecard, it shows you are thinking about that customer personally. You have not copied and pasted a generic email. This will surprise and delight most of your prospective customers and make a positive impact.


One Week

If you have not heard from your customer within a week and did not set up a time to connect with them, you should call at the one-week point. Any sooner will seem pushy, but you do not want too much time to pass. After a week, your presentation is still fresh in their mind, and they are still excited about your products, making it a great time to follow-up without seeming too anxious.


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