New CBD Hemp Oil Vapor Hits Convenience Store Shelves

May 07, 2015

An extract from the Cannabis genus of plants, the Cannabidiol has been known for its use in the pharmaceutical industry. A schedule I drug as per the DEA Drug Code, Cannabidiol is not marijuana, although many people mistake it to be. It is a compound of the cannabis genus plants and has several medical properties that make it useful for many pharmaceutical companies. Cannabidiol, also known as CBD has not been in the limelight as much as THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the major compound in marijuana that gets you high.


There is a significant difference between the two compounds, which research has proven time and again. Doctors are usually worried about the side effects that THC in medicines can cause in their patients. But they aren’t as worried about CBD. The available data of the positive impact that Cannabidiol can have on a person and the fact that it is non-psychoactive and safe to use has made it an ingredient that most companies across industries are considering. One such industry is the electronic cigarette or vaping industry, which is prevalently using CBD as one of the flavors that people can enjoy.


Pure CBD vapors launches its products in the market


With more and more people using e-cigarettes considering their health, the number of options that one has for vaping are also increasing. This includes the variety of vaping liquid flavors that are available in the market. Recently, a new CBD Hemp Oil Vapor hits convenience store shelves and pharmacies across the US. A company called Pure CBD Vapors is launching its range of CBD flavored vaping liquids that e-cigarette users can use.


The vaping liquid is available in four unique CBD flavors including Purple Haze, Wowi Maui, Strawberry Bliss and Peach Kush. These flavors are available in 10 ml bottles priced at just $29.99. Peach Kush flavored vaping liquids are available in different concentrations of CBD – one with 25mg and the other with 50mg. The rest of the flavors come with only 25mg CBD, which makes them absolutely safe for personal use.


With these new vaping liquids in the market soon, there is no need for you to get stuck with the same old vaping liquid flavors as before.


Pure CBD uses industrial hemp


If you are thinking that CBD is going to get you “stoned” like marijuana, you are wrong. CBD does not have the psychoactive effects that TCH has on people, which is what makes it a preferred ingredient for medicinal preparations. Also, the hemp oil vapors that Pure CBD Vapors is offering are made from industrial hemp, which is professionally cultivated in controlled environment specifically for use in industrial uses.


Industrial hemp, owing to its non-drug properties, is used in the production of paper, food products, textiles, biodegradable products, fuel and even nutritional foods. Another reason for popularity of industrial hemp is that it needs little or no pesticides at all to grow, which means there is no forced soil erosion. Also, industrial hemp produces more oxygen than naturally grown cannabis which is cultivated for medicinal and recreational uses. The important point to note here is that Marijuana and Kemp both come from the cannabis genus of plants, but they are not the same. Given that, you can be assured that our new CBD hemp oil vapors that will soon be on convenience store and pharmacy shelves is absolutely safe to use, as we use industrial hemp and not marijuana during preparation.


Refresh your senses with the hemp oil vapors


Nicotine cigarette smoking kills, which is a fact that everyone knows. Perhaps that is also the reason you have switched to or are planning to switch to vaping, or e-cigarette smoking, a safer alternative to those who are trying to quit smoking. E-cigarettes are easy to use and contain no nicotine at all – in fact, they are made of a battery, a body and a vaping liquid chamber that gets heated and generates vapor that the user inhales.


Now this vapor comes in different flavors, and you can choose any flavor of your choice. What makes hemp oil vapor better than the rest? Hemp is known for its medical properties and has been proven to lay a significant role in relieving a person of stress and anxiety. Throw away that cigarette and pick up your pack of e-cigs for a refreshing and healthy vaping with our new, CBD flavored vaping oils.


Not only will you be refreshed and relaxed, you will also be protecting your body from nicotine abuse.


It is 100 percent legal


Worried about legality of CBD use? Remove any worries you have for Pure CBD Vapors are all made of safe and 100 percent legal industrial hemp plants and not restricted compounds like marijuana. So when you are using the product, you can be sure that you are doing nothing illegal.


In fact, you can safely and happily use your e-cig anywhere with our vaping liquids, as e-cigs do not produce any smoke, and can even be used in public, without disturbing anyone’s personal space or environment. So even if you are using a hemp oil flavored vapor in your e-cig, you will not be disturbing anyone. More than anything, you don’t have to worry about its legality as industrial hemp is a hundred percent legal and safe for use.


Get your choice of pure CBD vapors near you


As use of CBD as an ingredient in vaping oils is entirely legal, you can find our product at a convenience store near you. You can also find the many flavors of Pure CBD Vapors at pharmacies and exclusive e-cig stores. As the product is legal across 50 states of America, you can buy it; fill it in your e-cigarette and vape as much as you want, without jeopardizing your own health or the health of others around you.


Make sure you keep reading this space for more information on the vapors, so that you don’t miss the chance of getting your hands on it as soon as this CBD Hemp Oil e-juice hits the U.S markets.